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Instrumental lessons with Myles are tailored to you, engaging, and most of all, fun! Lessons include:

  • A starter pack to welcome you to the instrument, if you're new to it!

  • Dedicated student/parent portal to help keep track of lessons, notes, and more

  • A list of books, resources and supporting materials that you may find helpful

  • Lesson notes, digitally supplied (or printed if you'd prefer), sent at the end of each lesson to your My Music Staff Account

  • A summary of progress each term to show you how you've improved and where we're going next

  • Support with ABRSM, Trinity, LCM or MTB Exams, from Prep Test to Diploma standard and beyond

  • Music Theory Resources 

  • Concert, performance and recording opportunities












What do you cover in lessons?

Myles teaches from a student-focused approach, which aims to cover the following:


  •  Healthy, sustainable, lifelong technique. 

  • A diverse and tailored selection of repertoire, to the student's individual tastes, but also to stretch their proficiency and introduce them to new composers and styles. 

  • Developing technical proficiency with a variety of warmups, exercises and tailor-made resources.

  • Composition - the opportunity to explore writing, recording, and otherwise producing original music in any style, with an introduction to music technology and Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs).

  • Improvisation - developing the ability to confidently and spontaneously create using chord progressions with a tune.

  • Music theory - understanding the written elements of music, being able to analyse and digest musical concepts, which includes preparation for music theory exams if/when necessary.  Understanding and applying scales, keys, Italian performance directions and music analysis.

  • Aural training - developing the student's ability to hear, interpret and reproduce material by ear (which also includes preparation for exam aural tests.)

  • Performance opportunities such as studio workshops, which usually address a particular topic such as practice, or a particular composer, with the opportunity to bring along music to play through in a supportive, relaxed environment. We then also do formal concerts which provide an opportunity for performance in a more formal environment. 

  • Learning about the history of music; engaging with the composers of the past and exploring repertoire and compositional styles which take us right up to this very year! 

  • Developing effective practice habits and resilience for good musicianship.

  • Career orientation & guidance. The field of creative arts is huge and varied, and often the routes into these vocations are just as numerous, so there is the opportunity to discuss this with myself and to be networked with other professionals in relevant fields (and to also see advice given by alumni of the studio who have gone onto conservatoires/music careers).​














What is the teaching style?

The teaching style that Myles employs is student-centred, encouraging them to develop and take an active role in their learning and musical growth, in order that they are able to employ the musical skills they learn (such as effective practice, discipline, and a sense of musical curiosity) consistently outside the studio and beyond. A strong technical focus alongside extensive sight-reading and exploration of a wide style of repertoires is encouraged, but the joy of making music always comes first! 













When can lessons take place?

The studio is open from Wednesday-Sunday, 9am-7:30pm. Slots are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis, with some students reserving weekly/fortnightly slots, and others having ad-hoc 'a la carte' lessons. Please feel free to get in touch using the sign-up form at the bottom of the page! 

Where do lessons take place?

Piano Player
Child Playing Piano

Online Lessons

Using Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, and Google Meets, this online format allows for easy and fun lessons from the comfort of your own home. Multiple angles of the keyboard plus high-quality sound and resolution in lessons.

In-Person Lessons

These lessons take place at the studio in Freemantle, Southampton, where there is a professional standard Yamaha CLP-775 for students.

Come and see what the studio looks like here!


How do I register interest for lessons?

Using this sign-up form, or the contact details beneath.

Piano Keys

1 Hour


Playing the Piano

Lesson Rates

45 Minutes



30 Minutes


Glasses and Music Sheet

Other ways to contact:

+44 (0)7946674502

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