Instrumental lessons with Myles are tailored to you, engaging, and most of all, fun! Lessons include:


  • A starter pack to welcome you to the instrument

  • A list of books, resources and supporting materials that you may find helpful

  • Lesson notes, either physical or digitally supplied, sent at the end of each lesson

  • A summary of progress each term to show you how you've improved and where we're going next

  • Support with ABRSM, Trinity, LCM or MTB Exams, from Prep to Diploma standard and beyond

  • 4 Spotify playlists for students learning about the different eras of music for the instrument

  • Music Theory Resources 

  • Concert, performance and recording opportunities


So how do lessons work?

We believe in a balanced approach to piano learning here at MTM.  Lessons are a mixture of:

  • Performance practice; building up repertoire and learning new and excited pieces, both tailored to your individual tastes but also to stretch your proficiency to new and exciting horizons!

  • Developing technical proficiency with a variety of warmups, exercises and tailor-made resources)

  • Understanding music theory, including scales, keys, Italian performance directions

  • Music analysis and aural training

  • Improvisation & Composition, both on the instrument and also on DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) if desired)

  • Learning about the history of music; engaging with the composers of the past and exploring repertoire and compositional styles which take us right up to this very year! 


Online Lessons

Using Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, and Google Meets, this online format allows for easy and fun lessons from the comfort of your own home.

In-Person Lessons

These lessons take place at my home studio in Freemantle, Southampton, where there is a Yamaha CLP-775 for students.

Come and see what the studio looks like here!

Piano Keys

Best Value

1 hour


*Musician's Union (MU) Rates from 2019.

Playing the Piano

Lesson Rates

45 Minutes



Most Popular

30 Minutes


Glasses and Music Sheet

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